Online Filing

There are numerous off-the-shelf and free tax preparation software programs that taxpayers can use to complete and file their tax returns online. Most include all the forms necessary to file from outside the US. However, many have e-filing problems that will not allow Americans living abroad to electronically file their returns. In addition, because many tax software programs are not designed for the unique tax situations that many US expats encounter, you could end up paying more than required or receive a notice from the IRS. All taxpayers should be aware that the foreign tax credit laws are complex and tax treaties complicate matters even more. This makes filing an accuarate return even more difficult if your software is not specifiaclly designed with expats in mind. That is the main reason that expatriates should always consult international tax professionals such as the experts at US Expat Tax Help when preparing their income tax returns. 

Our accountants receive ongoing continuing education in the ever-changing complexity of the US tax code. In addition, our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for US expats. 

US Expat Tax Help makes preparing and filing your US and state income tax returns online as easy as possible. When you're living in a foreign country, it's not practical to send forms and documents back and forth through the mail. Our highly secure, fully encrypted Client Portal enables the quick, free, and safe transfer of files between our office and yours.

In most cases, we can file your tax return online. However, the IRS does not permit electronic filing for certain types of returns. In these cases, a paper version of the return must be submitted.

The returns that cannot be e-filed are: 

  • Amended returns (Form 1040X)
  • Previous years returns
  • Dual-status alien tax returns
  • Certain state returns 
  • Tax returns including forms 5471, 8891, 8621 or other informational returns